The Big Reveals

Well I’ve officially made it back around to where I left off last year. While I’ve learned so much more and feel exponentially more confident in repeating a year of school, some moments felt like I’d lost so much time while I watched the people around me moving forward. Nevertheless, grinning and bearing it paid off!


Oh Baby!

Fall, and especially October brought some huge milestones for a lot of students. One of my classmates, Glenda, and her husband welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world. From the gender reveal, to the baby shower, to announcing the birth of Baby Susan, it has given our class something to be elated about. For our next Dental School Diary post, we’ll hear more from Glenda and how it feels to be a new parent while balancing dental school! Some of us can barely take care of ourselves and get to school on time (*cough* me…), so to share her journey with others who are thinking about starting a family while managing school or a career.


Baby shower of River Oak Dental family member. Visit our family in Palm Bay FL.



Associate Reveal: We’re a Match!

Every year, the College of Dentistry administration gets together to match each D2 student to a clinic and to a D3 mentor. I cannot get over how excited I am to have been matched with one of my dear friends and most admired colleagues, Shannon. We’ve been through a lot together. Now her job as a mentor/associate will be to walk me through the ins and outs of clinic. We’ll provide care for the same patients and when she graduates, I’ll become the main provider for her patients. There are four clinics (2A, 2B, 3A and 3B), so you can catch Shannon and I in clinic 3A!


River Oak Dental students Shannon and Melissa at River Oak Dental

Clinic 3A

River Oak Dental Nurses team smiling for photo


NHSC Update

Last but not least, I am blessed to say that I am officially a recipient of the National Health Service Corps 3-year Scholarship and I’ll have more info on the details in the future!

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